Examples of Application & Industry Sectors

Food Industry
food packaging, for example sugar sticks, sugar and coffee packets, packaging of cereals, cheese and meat, etc.

Household Articles
baking paper, packaging of ant liming agent, wet wipes, etc.

Packaging Industry
twisting reels, stuffing material, non-skid interleaving paper for pallets, packing material, etc.

Chemicals Industry
compound materials for the manufacture of bags and sacks

Building Industry
floating floor films, insulating material, impact sound insulation, roof underlay, etc.

Steel and Metal Industry
anticorrosive paper with and without nitrite and VCI products, plain or creped paper, with / without PE coating and tissue reinforced

Electrical Industry
cable tape and creped cable tape with selected die electricity characteristics

Cosmetics Industry
spectacles cleaning tissue, refreshing tissue and disposable packaging

Paper Industry and Publishing
book spine crepe paper and ream wrapping paper

cash register reels, banding paper and foils, wallpapers

Automotive Industry
twisting reels, packing material, stuffing material, insulating material

Sack Production
sack paper, re info rced paper for carrying handle, sack valves, sewing crepe paper

Decoration Material
sheeting coated crepe paper, etc.