Crepe Paper
FISLAGE offers crepe paper with different thicknesses and elongations. We produce also coated as well as tissue re info rced crepe paper and compound crepe materials.

Laminated Products
FISLAGE laminates amongst other raw materials paper, cardboard, foils, aluminium, tissue, and non-woven by means of extrusion coating or dispersion coating. LDPE, HDPE, PP and other polyolefin’s are used for this purpose.

Our main focus is to produce in strict cooperation with our customer, to give technical advice and to offer job order production and packaging.

Corrosion Protection
FISLAGE produces standard as well as nitrite-free anticorrosive products, for example various qualities of paper and crepe paper to be used for different metals. The anticorrosive papers are available with and without re info rcement.

Bitumen Coated Products
FISLAGE supplies bitumen coated paper, plain or creped qualities.

Compound Materials / Barrier Solutions
FISLAGE offers a vast product range of compound materials with different technical characteristics, as for example water and vapour barrier, greaseproof paper, aroma barrier, light resistance, etc. In order to fulfil these characteristics we use paper, aluminium, non-woven materials, fibre re info rcements, creped paper and foils.